From bath to shower

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The unique conversion system

At this time, there is increasing demand for shower situations on a place where now a bath. From bath to shower is a unique conversion system developed and produced by Beterbad. This will be removed and disposed of the existing bath. On the site of the bath will be installed a walk-in shower. Mostly carried out in 1 day!
The unique mounting system has linkable walls made of sanitary acrylic. These panels are colored through and through and available in two designs, both tight as with a work of art in the Panel. Because the panels over the existing wall tile slightly forward to come can the piping there neatly worked away, out of sight behind be. On the panels the crane can be confirmed, but also, for example, a shower Chair, handle or soap holder.

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New shower situations

project in Hilversum

project at Hilversum

project in Hilversum

project at Hilversum

Video from bath to shower

On the edge of the new shower floor can be a glass wall. This custom made glass wall has a thickness of 8 mm and will be applied with a stabilization rod.
The new walk-in shower is in any size available!!.

  • low entry, and a very spacious shower floor
  • the existing tiling remains intact
  • Good to keep clean, and glass walls with anti-limescale treatment available
  • Certified non-Slip material as surface treatment
  • The pipe work is nice out of sight eliminated
  • no long rebuilding with a lot of clutter, dust and discomfort
  • customization and so in any situation applicable
  • different options possible: folding shower Chair, handles, SOAP holders, Shampoo containers, etc
  • panels and shower floor are made of high quality sanitairacryl, by and by colored