Bath-in-Bath System


Old situation

Oude situatie

Nieuwe situatie

New situation

Is your old bathtub subject to wear, damaged by rust or limescale?
Replace in one day We are your old bathtub for a new one. This through the Bath-in-bath-system. Of course without heel-and break work on the tiles and with 20 years of quality assurance at the bath and 5 years on the Assembly.For mounting a representative of the new bath is free of charge and without obligation the sizes recording the current bath, this order with the greatest accuracy to be able to produce an appropriate bath. Beterbad to do this, use the baths that come from our own production. Beterbad is the only company in Netherlands which itself produces her bath-in-bath-baths. That is why we can make easy adjustments to our models. Beterbad can for both the individual project sites of bet pools, best quality and lowest price guarantee!
An old bathtub that is damaged and by calcium deposits has become rough. Normal maintenance in this case is time consuming and the result of your cleaning efforts always disappointing.

Nieuwe afvoer gezet

New drain put

Randen op maat zagen

Edges cut to size sawing

Nieuw bad plaatsen

New bath places

Afkitten van de randen

Sealing the edges

Recording the sizes is the beginning of the total renovation. Our employees are regularly trained and familiarized with the latest developments. This is your guarantee for a perfect result. The bath is on site and with extreme accuracy on custom made after the old faucet and badgarnituur have been removed. Of course, Beterbad used only high quality materials. These factors make your choice for the bath-in-bath-system more than logical.
It goes without saying that technically it is necessary that a new drain built in, so that the quality that pursues Beterbad. We use the brand Viega when it comes to disposal. So you are guaranteed 100% bathing fun, and that the extended warranty period.
Between the old and the new tube is a two-component foam. The adherence of this foam is not only durable, but also insulating, so that your bath water to 2 x longer remains warm. So you benefit from optimal energy savings. After applying the 2-component Pu is the bath. The result is a bath that feels comfortable because of the specific properties of the material. Your bath also has the non-slip qualities that you rarely makes the trouble-free and maintenance using a Beterbad-bath to a great pleasure.

Tip: Many companies that run badkamerrenovatie’s let a Bad-in-bath-system. New tiles are then applied over the existing, following on the new inzetbad. For example, a bathroom fast and cheap.

Video Bath-in-Bath

The benefits of our bath-in-bath-System at a glance:

  • No heel-and break work on tiles and walls
  • energy saving, your bath water will remain hot longer 2 x ready within a day
  • 5 year warranty on the bath and the mounting
  • problem-free maintenance
  • safely through non-slip quality
  • premium quality that you rarely find elsewhere
  • our expertise and 30 years of experience are your best guarantee